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ShreeCera Ceramic Fiber Textiles include the finished products of Ceramic Fiber Yarn, Ceramic Fiber Tape, Ceramic Fiber Cloth, etc. ShreeCera Ceramic Fiber Textile is specially processed with ceramic fiber spun bulk, alkali-free glass filament, and high temperature resistant stainless alloy wires. Besides the above products, we can also make high temperature resistant textile according to the customers' demands for specific operating temperature, conditions, and performance. ShreeCera Ceramic Fibre Textiles can be used upto 1250°C but when tensile strength is important, the temperature limits of the inserted material is to be considered.

ShreeCera Ceramic Textile Products can be made available with minimum or no organic carrier. The main advantage of this product is exceptionally low smoke-off upon heating compared with standard fiber textiles. Consequently, these products are very much suited to fire protection applications and for hot wrapping of cables, pipes and ducts. These products are available only with SS wire re-inforcement.

Features :

  •   Low thermal conductivity
  •   Low heat storage
  •   Reduces fume emission around refractory
  •   Excellent thermal shock resistance
  •   Resistance to gas velocity
  •   Easy to install
  •   Adheres to most ceramic and metallic surfaces
  •   Excellent corrosion resistance
  •   Inert to most chemicals
  •   Impermeable to molten aluminum, zinc, copper & lead
  •   Asbestos free

Typical Applications:

    Cloth and Tape
  •   Gasket and wrapping material
  •   Cable and wire insulation
  •   Welding curtains and blanket
  •   Furnace curtains & heat zone separators
  •   Fuel line insulation
  •   Expansion joints
  •   Welding blankets
  •   Personnel and equipment protection
  •   Fire protection systems
  • Rope
  •   High temperature seals and packing in furnaces and heaters Cord
  •   Door seals for stoves and ovens
  •   Thermally insulating pipe wrap
  •   Braids
  •   Kiln car seals
  •   Furnace door seals Jointing
  •   High temperature door seals


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